Tuesday, January 15, 2013

In Dreams Lie Guilt - EP from Edinburgh School for the Deaf

Long-time readers of this blog are well aware of my affection for Edinburgh School for the Deaf.  The Scottish band plays a heady mix of C86 guitar rock, drone and distortion that they call "death jangle".  Their 2011 debut LP New Youth Bible (our review here) was highly ranked in my year end list, and I still enjoy listening to it.

Another LP from the band hasn't been forthcoming, but they have provided the five-track In Dreams Lie Guilt EP.  The record, which is available for free download, contains new versions of two of the tracks from New Youth Bible (the first and fifth tracks) and three other tracks.

Edinburgh School for the Deaf retain three of the for members who recorded New Youth Bible, and have added an additional guitarist and vocalist.  The current members are:
Aggie: Vocal, Chanteusing, Sprechgesanging & Chanting.
Alex: Abstract Guitar.
Ashley: Vocal and Sweeter Guitar
Grant: Bass Guitar & Shouting.
Jamie: Drums and Bangs.


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