Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Restorations Album in March! New Song NOW!

Philadelphia's Restorations is one of my very favorite bands of the past few years. The band's members came together out of disparate, yet punk, pasts, and truly have created their own sound -- a careening, anthemic twin guitar foundation interspersed with Jon Loudon's grainy vocals and a brutal rhythm section. Their stellar 2011 self-titled full-length was at the top of my list for that year, and last year's 2 track release A/B was on the shorter-than-full-length-best-of list for anyone who did one (and you can check that out and buy it here).

This year finds the band signed to LA's SideOneDummy Records, who have announced that there's a finished, mastered album ready to hit the streets in March. And if we're lucky enough to see a headlining tour on the heels of the release, don't miss them. A week or so ago they posted a terrific new song, "New Old", which you can hear below. It'll get you on the bandwagon.


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