Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Soul Discovery: Renny Wilson - Sugarglider

Renny Wilson is an Edmonton-based artist playing a current take on old-school smooth soul music, with psychedelic pop touches and even some forays into motorik. Wilson is clearly extremely talented, and no matter which genre (or combination of genres) he's playing in, he's smooth as hell.

Here's the lead track "By And By" - a truly delightful flight on a cloud of funk bass, saxophone and synths:

The beat is strong, his voice is soulful whether he's operating in falsetto range or a little bit lower down to anchor the song. If you recall Lewis Taylor (man, I miss that guy), do not miss a chance to get this record. The music is more horn-based than Taylor's, but absolutely as soulful. And he's a terrific vocalist.

Here's the song "Nobody":

And you can stream the whole record now at Spin.com - although this will probably be taken down closer to release date (next Tuesday Jan 22). It shouldn't matter - if you like soul music and have been wondering where to find it, you'll probably pre-order this before then anyway.

Here's the video for "Could've It Been Me?":

Out January 22 on Mint Records. You can follow the link to pre-order now.

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