Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Introducing: Stephanie

Psssst! Hey, big boy, do you want to meet Stephanie from Seattle?  Stephanie aims to please, and a lot of Stephanie's stuff is free.  My less than rigorous research indicates that Stephanie is Ian Judd (bass), Matt Lawson (keys), Andrew McKibben (guitar), Wil Adams (vocals), and Robert Wolfe (drums).  They are part of a Seattle music scene called 'the Cairo scene'.  After a couple of demos in recent years (check out Bandcamp for free downloads), they recorded the One Glove EP with  local production guru Erik Blood at the controls.

The band terms its distinctive sound "swirl" and it wouldn't have surprised me if I'd been told that the music was recorded in the UK in the '80s.

Stream from the One Glove EP below.  If you click on over to the band's Tumblr site, most of the tracks can be downloaded free.

One Glove is released on Couple Skate Records.


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