Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Introducing: Pageants, and their new single

Long Beach, California's Pageants formed a couple of years ago when founding member Rebecca Coleman left Avi  Buffalo.  Originally a duo, Pageants now are three, with Coleman (vocals and guitar) joined by Devin O'Brien (guitar) and Dylan Wood (drums).  An album release is planned for later this year, but they are whetting our appetites with the two track single, "Musings of the Tide/August Moon".

The title track features a delightfully crunchy guitar and Coleman's clear and warm vocals.  It is the kind of song that whispers "you love me, don't you?" as it worms its way into your ears.  "August Moon" features a more languid rhythm and an almost Americana vocals.  Overall, the single displays stellar vocals and a great melodic sensibility.

Based on this single alone, our wait for the album would be impatient.  But we've listened to a couple of demo tracks on Soundcloud, as well, and our impatience is only increased.

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