Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Nuggets - The Sonics "Psycho" (and "Strychnine")

A band so cool they named an NBA team after them!
The Sonics ruled the Seattle rock scene before Eddie Vedder and Kurt Cobain were born. And make no mistake, the Sonics were just as edgy and punk as any Seattle band to follow them.
They had a truly wild and revolutionary sound, though looked like nice boys from the Pacific NW.

This video of their classic song "Psycho" is crazy, such a period piece, I'm not sure what to say:

And The Sonics are so great, we will, only 3 weeks in to Friday Nuggets, break our guideline of one song per and give you a bonus song, "Strychnine", which I was introduced to by the smoking cover of this that is a staple of the Minus 5's live shows

Here's are the Sonics:  

The Sonics, with a mostly intact lineup, still perform today. You Portlanders should join me and go see them on Feb 15 at the Hawthorne Theater.  

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