Thursday, January 17, 2013

New video from LP - cover of Beatles' "Something"

Apparently this young lady, LP (Laura Pergolizzi)  is working on a full album which will be on Warner Brothers later this year. Currently, she's released a video of this Beatles cover. The ukelele, the beautiful, clear, fragile but overwhelming voice, and the incredible whistling combine to create something beautiful and unique:

And this is how "buried" in the quest for new, undiscovered music I am: I did not know who performed this song, or even that it was a song. I thought it was part of a commercial for something else. (Well, it was, but it was also a song). Her earlier hit, "Into The Wild":

If you're intrigued as I was, there are a lot more videos available - and a 5-song live EP. Looking forward to hearing that album, too.

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