Thursday, April 1, 2021

New Guitar Pop Tracks - “Promises I’ve Made” plus 2 more by Andrew Gabbard

 We’ve written about the Buffalo Killers here before - always have liked their laid back psychedelic rock, and I’m not surprised at the quality of Andrew Gabbard’s pop instincts on his solo work. This track is a tribute to Emitt Rhodes, one of Andrew’s musical heroes. 

Andrew says, "Emitt wrote the book on homemade albums. His music endlessly inspires me to create. ‘Promises I’ve Made’ is a personal favorite of mine - I had to do it. Recorded at home. Emitt Rhodes forever!”


 And here are two earlier tracks - I’m getting caught up on Andrew’s recent solo activity and glad to share it with you; as he says, it’s “made at home with love”. "Instant Trancer" is one he calls an ode to his daughter, a sweet song. Really like the way he layers the vocals on the chorus and the guitar effects:


 Finally, his 2021 New Year's song - "Wake Up, Brother" - a song of hope and a call for change, with what I hear as some echoes of some nice 70's Laurel Canyon psych folk rock a la Dennis Wilson:

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