Wednesday, April 28, 2021

"Mollyducker"/"Keep It" by Good Morning

We wish you a good morning. We understand that it may not be morning for you at the moment -- it isn't for us, either -- but it is certain to be morning somewhere. As a matter of fact, my iPhone world clock says in is morning in Melbourne, Australia, and they have a Good Morning that all of us can enjoy. The band is a duo consisting of Stefan Blair and Liam Parsons, and their creations have been celebrated here in the past. However, the reason for this feature is that Stefan and Liam have shared both good news and good music.

First, Good Morning has signed to Polyvinyl Record Co. Second, they have released a single with two really excellent songs, "Mollyducker", sung by Stefan, and "Keep It", sung by Liam. Both songs bear the weight of some dark themes, but the melody, grooves and arrangements are as good as guitar pop gets. The single is out via Polyvinyl and the bands own imprint, Good Morning Music Company Worldwide. You can stream both of them below.

This is the first new music from the duo in nearly two years, although we heard their guitars and backing vocals on the Dannika album released earlier this year (our feature here)





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