Thursday, April 22, 2021

"Bladderwrack" by Buffet Lunch

May we present to you, "Bladderwrack" by Buffet Lunch. Now, you might think that the phrase "buffet lunch" doesn't reside pleasantly in proximity to a form of the word "bladder". You may (or may not) be more at ease if you learn that it is a reference to seaweed. But it really doesn't matter because we aren't asking you to ingest anything, but rather to listen to the new party favor from the colorful and skewed world of a Scottish band named after a midday meal. The song is the latest single taken from The Power of Rocks, the band's new LP which will be released May 7 via Upset The Rhythm.

"Bladderwrack" is representative of the album: Delightful percussion sharing equal billing with synths and guitars, imaginative stories and a keen sense of humor. 

Buffet Lunch are Perry O'Bray, Neil Robinson, John Muir, and Luke Moran.



Pre-order page for album

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