Wednesday, April 28, 2021

"Open Sea" by Verandan

One of my favorite indie pop bands is Finnish five-piece Verandan. Led by singer and songwriter Ville Hopponen, their music is emotive, dynamic and melodic. For 2021, Verandan is focusing on a series of singles. The latest is a widescope delight titled "Open Sea", and is out on April 30 via Helsinki label Soliti Music. Musically, the song is glimmering and expansive. Thematically, it speaks to the desire to shrug off work and responsibilities, set sail and head out of the harbor. That all connects quite well with me at the moment.

In addition to Hopponen, Verandan is Kaarlo Stauffer, Aki Pohmankyro, Sampo Seppanen, and Aleksi Peltonen. In addition, Jari Suominen contributed electric piano on this song.



Soliti Music page for Verandan

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