Sunday, April 11, 2021

Carlos Niño and Friends - “Thanking the Earth” from forthcoming More Energy Fields, Current, out May 7

Carlos Niño is a Los Angeles-based producer, arranger, DJ and is the leader of the ensemble that created these wonderful tracks from his upcoming album More Energy Fields, Current. It is quiet, unhurried, fairly self-contained instrumental music, with a theme of our relationship with our planet. Carlos has a good-sized contingent of collaborators, each bringing something unique to the mix. In true DJ fashion, Carlos is able to pull it all together within the bounds of the length of a single track.

And here is a track released earlier, "Pleasewakeupalittlefasterplease". It is also fantastic:


Stay tuned for more - the album is due to be released digitally May 7, with physical copies (vinyl, cassettes, etc) due to arrive in June. You can preorder and check out some of his other music (recommended) at his Bandcamp site.

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