Friday, April 23, 2021

Dinosaur Jr. - Sweep It Into Space

Dinosaur Jr. is a rare case indeed, a band whose new stuff is every bit as vital as their "old stuff". On their latest album, we hear the classic Dinosaur Jr. sound, as J. Mascis demonstrates his uncanny ability to wring melody from cranked-up guitar and his trademark vocal croak. It's a wonder and something to be truly grateful for, so from When You Motor Away, the first thing I'd like to say is "thank you." Like our patron namesake Robert Pollard, J has exceeded any reasonable expectation that would have been ventured back in the 90's, and is still delivering high quality rock music. Here is "I Ran Away", with a slow, easy, loping rhythm:

 Here is "Garden", one of the two Barlow tracks here, building slowly with a combination of an understated electric and strummed acoustic guitars behind Barlow's earnest vocals:


 And finally, here is "Take It Back" - a song built on a piano line, almost sort of a reggae beat, and a hummable vocal line that carries about :45 into the track, where Murph hits the drums and the song opens up a bit - though even J's solos are kept in control.


 As always, Barlow's bass lines and Murph's drums share a comfortable interplay, somehow always delivering just what's needed. This is that rare theing - music that is comfortable, familiar, without being the least bit boring. Ragged, but beautiful. Let's be glad they are still at this. It's out today (April 23) on Jagjaguwar. 

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