Sunday, April 11, 2021

"How We Met (Cherry Pie)" by Teen Canteen

Carla, Sita, Amanda, Chloe and Debs are Teen Canteen, a Glasgow band that set out to make charming, bubblegum-inspired songs. Their debut album was released five years ago, but the band believes that they had the material for a debut several years earlier. What to do about that, you ask. Teen Canteen's answer is 'release it now'. So later this year we will have the bouncy girl-group sounds of This Is How It Starts, the real, but delayed, debut album. And while the album is not yet ready for the world, we now have the lead single -- "How We Met (Cherry Pie)". The song is a fresh, effervescent 'we just fell in love' song with unaffected sincerity and lovely harmonies. But make no mistake, it is sharply written and expertly executed. In fact, the song is not only a smashing success, it is inspirational. Time to find somebody to love (apologies to Grace Slick).

The single is out now on all digital platforms. The album will be out in August via Last Night From Glasgow's Hive imprint.

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