Thursday, April 22, 2021

"Big Plans (Little Hands)" by Dag

 One of our most eagerly anticipated albums of the year is Pedestrian Life. A double LP to be released by Bedroom Suck Records on June 25, it is the latest output from Dag. The band is a trio fronted by the deservedly esteemed singer songwriter Dusty Anastassiou and includes Dan Ford and Dave McMillan. Dusty is a compelling presence on stage, and a creative force as a songwriter. The band is a tight, instinctive unit that delivers the songs with just the right level of melody and loose-limbed spontaneity.

We will spill more digital ink on Dag when it is time to feature the album, but today's mission is to deliver the single "Big Plans (Little Hands)", which is the album's 12th track. A country-shaded song about the joys of falling in love and the dangers of losing one's sense of self while doing so, it is going to be on our summer soundtrack and probably a lot of other music fan's soundtracks.

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