Tuesday, April 20, 2021

“Hot & Heavy” by Lucy Dacus

Here’s a great new track from Lucy Dacus, with a wonderful, emotionally affecting video. Her voice carries the first part of the song, and as strong as it is, her voice could carry the whole song. But there’s good country rock band playing behind her, and the song’s mixer, Shawn Everett, is smart enough to leave her voice up at the top of the mix, so you follow her all the way through. It’s really well done.

 The album is Home Video, and it's due out in June on Matador. She recorded it in Nashville at Trace Horse Studio. She shared a few thoughts about the song: “I thought I was writing ‘Hot & Heavy’ about an old friend, but I realized along the way that it was just about me outgrowing past versions of myself. So much of life is submitting to change and saying goodbye even if you don't want to.” Listen, read more or preorder at the site below: 

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