Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Stuff: Summer Twins

Summer Twins Cover Art

I saw a very cool new band last night, Summer Twins, who opened for Peter Case / Paul Collins. Despite the 3 decade difference in age between the two bands and when most of their respective songs were written, Summer Twins' shimmering, well-crafted pop fit in well with the classic Plimsouls and Nerves power pop.

Which is not to suggest Summer Twins are a self-conscious throw back. Their stuff will remind our readers of some of the contemporary Scottish pop covered by Rocksteady 74 here, as well as young American pop bands we like, especially The Parson Red Heads and She and Him.

Here's "I Don't Care", the opening track from Summer Twins brand new self-titled debut:

Summer Twins were formed in 2008 by sisters Chelsea (vocals, guitars) and Justine (drums) Brown from Riverside, CA. They absorbed well their California pop music history, especially the Mamas and Papas and Lovin' Spoonful, as well as the Phil Spector girl group sounds of The Shirelles and Crystals. It comes bouncing out of them very naturally and infectiously, complimented by the varied textures and guitar sounds of Marcio Rivera, while bassist Danny Delgaldo brings a Motown bottom to the party.
Chelsea is a confident frontwoman with a winning stage presence; if you like pure pop music at all, it would be impossible not to surrender to the joyous vibe that jumps out of her and her band.

Here's a video of an earlier song not on the record but that certainly captures their sunny spirit "The More I Think of You":

My favorite live song was the set closer "Pickin' Daisies", with some full on psychedelia and a whole lot of guitar hooks:

If this stuff doesn't put a smile on your face, you should maybe see a doctor.

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John Hyland said...

Glad you saw them, JD... looks like they've made a previous EP available for free download in case anybody's on the fence: