Thursday, March 1, 2012

REVIEW: We Have Band - Ternion

In Ternion, We Have Band brings us another twist on the synth pop template. Not quite cold wave or chill wave, but not the new wave dance outfit of their 2010 debut, I guess I'd call in melancholy wave. Don't misunderstand me--this album has plenty of hooks, great melodies and bursts of energy. But there seems to be a sadness and intensity that renders the album intimate and, perhaps, a bit unsettling. But unsettling can also heighten interest, so the entire experience may benefit from this approach. Here is the official video for the darkly dance-able "Where Are Your People?".

The band can slow things down, as well. And when they do, the raw emotion is palpable. Here is an acoustic version of album opener, "Shift" --
Here is a very cool acoustic version of album track "Shift" --

We Have Band can still push the new wave buttons superbly, as demonstrated by "Visionary", which could fit into the New Order catalog. And the following track, "Watertight", is melodic and upbeat.
"Visionary" has a distinct New Order vibe.


We Have Band is comprised of Thomas WP, Dede WP, and Darren Bancroft, and they are from the UK. Ternion was released on the Naive label this week. The LP and iTunes purchases include expanded material which is intended to be a deconstruction of the main album. The main album itself uses a prior album by The League Unlimited Orchestra as an inspiration and launching pad. Obviously, this is an ambitious, even risky, endeavor. There may be fans of the debut album unwilling to accept the additional depth offered here. But I think the risk was well taken. We Have Band has proved that they can be more than re-interpreters of fine dance grooves. They want to be known for more, and they've earned that chance.

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