Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Telling Lies", by Evans the Death

Today's single spotlight is on "Telling Lies", from the UK's Evans the Death, a tight band with incredible female lead vocals. With its fuzzy and chiming guitars, the A-side manages to pull together C86 and Creation Records influences with a good dose of Pixies-style rock. The B-side is "Morning Voice" is a softer, nearly partially acoustic affair with an appealing '60s slow-dance vibe. It nicely highlights the band's versatility.

Evans the Death, which is named after the undertaker in Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood, consists of Katherine Whitaker (vocals), Dan Moss (guitar), Olly Moss (guitar), Lan McArdle (bass, vocals), and Rob Mitson (drums). Their UK label is Fortuna Pop!, and their US label is Slumberland Records.

Here is the just released video for the title track:

We understand that a full length will follow, and based on the strength of "Telling Lies", we look forward to it.

Twitter ( @evansthedeath )
Slumberland Records
Fortuna Pop!

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