Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Winnifred", a single by Roommates

Yes, it is a single--four songs. But even if you are stuck in the rut of only paying attention to albums, this is an irresistibly catchy powerpop release, and if you miss out on it your life will have a black, festering, irreparable hole that will never mend and likely will result in disasters in personal relationships and cause children and cute dogs to cross the street to avoid you (yeah, I know, some of you just call that "Tuesday").

Roommates is the mutual effort of Ben Cook of the groups Fucked Up, Marvelous Darlings, and The Bitters, and Mark Fosco of Marvelous Darlings. Alternatively, you could call it a virtual reunion. Ben and Mark shared an apartment for four years. It seems that during that period they created four songs in separate two-track batches (which were released in a limited run of cassettes by a "retired" label) and performed on a few occasions.

The four songs have been salvaged by Slumberland Records, and packaged in a 7" that is available on March 20. You'll love the songs, and you can wonder whether the dominant influence belongs to Teenage Fanclub or directly to Big Star.

Here is the fourth track, "1st Floor Blues" --

Slumberland Records

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