Friday, March 16, 2012

The Soul Corner - "Skin Tight"; Ohio Players

Sly's birthday yesterday got me thinking about the great rock'n'soul era. And low and behold, the team at the Soul Corner research institute worked through the night to uncover this magnificent video, which has more good things going for it than I can list here - crazy Sun Ra/priest outfits, Japanese subtitles, the horns, the hair, the phrase "skin tight britches". Feel free to add your own favorite element here in comments below.

The Ohio Players were the party. [aside: I would feel so much better about the whole "the Ohio State University" nonsense if I thought they lifted it from the Ohio Players, but I'm guessing not]

The Ohio Players formed in 1959 and toiled away until a string of hits starting in 1974 - "Skin Tight", "Fire", "Love Rollercoaster", etc.

Further evidence of the industrial Midwest as home to the best mixologists of guitars and beats. Dayton is in the Soul Corner today.

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Frank Fahey said...

One of my all time favorite groups. The album covers pushed the edge of the envelope and warmed this Catholic boy's hear. They came up with some of the best lines ever - "I played hookie from school just to be with you, I played hookie from school cuz you knew how to do the do." One of the the best teenage love lines of all time.