Tuesday, March 6, 2012

REVIEW: Jonathan Segel - All Attractions

All Attractions is an old-school California rock album with some terrific guitar work from the multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Segel, part of what was always great about Camper Van Beethoven.

The record was started by Jonathan working with fellow Camper Van Beethoven bandmate Victor Krummenacher on bass and guitar, and their SF Bay Area cohorts former King Missile/Moth Wranglers' Chris Xefos playing some bass and doing the recording and mixing, and John Hanes on drums. The lead guitar on the track "I Know You Know Me (Hey You)," you'll say "this sounds familiar" and you'd be right. It's Brett Netson from Built to Spill. This record carries a lot in common with BTS records - long songs, impeccable chops and good melodies.

The first song, the 8:30 "Ever and Always", starts off with about a 5:00 instrumental introduction, reminiscent of maybe "Interstellar Overdrive"... and the album takes off from there. It's heavy on the psychedelic guitars, well-played and Segel's understated vocals grow on you. But the guitars grab you from the start. That's what you'll come back for.

As a bonus, there's a 7-song EP called Apricot Jam which is included if you buy a physical CD. From Jonathan's website: "After the last basic tracks were recorded for the accompanying CD All Attractions, John Hanes (drums), Victor Krummenacher (bass), Graham Connah (organ) and Jonathan Segel (guitar) jammed for several hours. These were 6 tracks, which started there, taken home and made into composition out of the improvisation, (which is always super fun.)"

Read more about what Segel's been up to, and sample more of his music, at the Magnetic Records website, or check out downloads at Bandcamp:

If there's anybody out there who still likes extended-length guitar rock songs, this record is good news. Out today, and recommended.

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