Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get to Know: Father Sculptor

A music blogger looking for good new talent gratefully receives emails and links to new postings, aware of the limitations of publicly available information. So here we present Glasgow band Father Sculptor--a band that reveals little of itself other than its current location and a few very good songs.

Of course, bands usually don't pop onto the scene without history, whether collective or individual. And one hears things--things about bands about which one is enthusiastic (for their quality music and rebellious attitude towards public relations), and recently blogged, dropping out of the scene. And then one hears things about bands formed and, despite their brief existence, being johnny-on-the-spot with recording-quality material. One can't help but wonder whether this is a birth or a resurrection.

But while mystery remains, we can share two Father Sculptor recordings with you. The first is the magnificent "Ember", a slow-burner that matches its name, which will be released as part of a two-track single in April. The second is January upload of two excellent songs, "Velvet Fall" and the demo for "Two of Swords". In my view, these recordings feature excellent songwriting, broad musical range, dramatic vocal presentation and a somewhat melancholy atmosphere. I'm very much looking forward to more from Father Sculptor.



Anonymous said...

This is great, except that they've only given us two tracks. I want to get lost in an entire album of Father Sculptor. Please keep us posted when they release more.

Rocksteady74 (Scott) said...

I expect more will come. They are recording the B-Side to Ember.