Saturday, March 31, 2012

Down Under and Underground: The Puddle

The Puddle generally are known as the most steadfastly underground act of the many great bands that emerged from Dunedin, New Zealand in the '80s (others include The Bats, The Clean and The Chills). Known for their own, distinctive brand of intimate, slightly shambling psychedelic pop, they have been making music continually in one line up or another since 1984. From '86-93 they recorded for the venerable Flying Nun label, but that output has long been out of print. Beginning in the mid-2000s, they began releasing albums, most recently for Fishrider Records. The band's latest album, Secret Holiday/Victory Blues, was released on March 5 --

I think this music is perfect for a Saturday night. It is intimate, sometimes moody and sometimes sunny. You will note that several of the tracks are available for free download, although we always encourage you to buy the physical product to support artists you like.

The Puddle is George D. Henderson (Guitars, keyboards & Vocals), Gavin Shaw (Bass), Al Starrett (Keyboards, viola), and Ian Henderson (Drums). They currently are based in Dunedin and Auckland.

One of my favorites is "No Sequels" --

I suggest that you spend some time with their Bandcamp page linked below. You'll find all of their recent albums. It is great moody Saturday night music. Oh, and When You Motor Away gives a tip of its driving cap to former June Brides frontman Phil Wilson for the suggestion to check out The Puddle.

Fishrider Records

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