Saturday, March 17, 2012

Get to Know: Mi Mye

This post has a dual purpose. First, it exposes you to the music of Mi Mye, which is the recording name for Jamie Lockhart. Second, listening to the following two albums from Mi Mye demonstrates the effects of personal circumstances on art. And the comparison is all the brighter because as a vocalist, Lockhart is utterly convincing.

Originally from Skerray, in northern Scotland, Lockhart began recording around 2003. Now residing in Yorkshire, in 2010 he released the album Senc to the Shaking. The album is sunny in sound and disposition, an indie/dream pop album with layers of sound and, overall, an uplifting feel.

However, Lockhart has since suffered a divorce, and chronicled it in the recently released The Time and the Lonleyness. The album ably reflects the pain and regret.


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