Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Ninas Different", single by Fiction Faction

Today's profiled single is the two-track Ninas Different by Fiction Faction. This release is the follows their fall 2011 EP, Malenky Lizards, which we reviewed here.

Fiction Faction is David (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Paul (Lead guitar, Vocals), John Paul (Bass, Backing Vocals), and Ellis (Drums, Backing Vocals). Their music features undeniably dance-able rhythms, chiming guitars and electronic carpets and flourishes. It is bright, urbane indie rock and I highly recommend it.

"Ninas Different" is the A-side:

The B-side is "Turquoise Noise":

If you prefer, here is the Bandcamp stream of the single:

Twitter ( @fictionfaction1 )
Saraseto Records

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