Wednesday, March 28, 2012

REVIEW: Lantern - Burned Youth

(Photo by Alyssa Robb)

For me, Burned Youth -- a wonderful nugget of raw, '60s influenced rock -- came out of nowhere. Well, that's not completely correct as it came from the label. But Lantern is a relatively recently formed project based in Philadelphia and it wasn't on my radar. Lantern is Zachary Devereux Fairbroter (with help from Emily Robb and Daniel Miller). Apparently Burned Youth consists of unreleased recordings Fairbroter made when touring with his former band, Omon Ra. I think that it previously was available only as a tour tape. However, the Night People label released it earlier this month.

This is rock and roll with energy and passion, but without distracting flourishes or unnecessary bombast. Regular readers of this blog know that I love to find new garage rock sounds, and believe me when I say that this one scratches the itch perfectly. Try "I Don't Know", the fourth track on the album --

If you find that interesting, you can stream the album here:

If you enjoy this material, I recommend that you listen to this stream of a live performance in January. It is available for free download as well:



Zachary Devereux Fairbrother said...

Can you please give a photo credit to Alyssa Robb for the top photo?

Rocksteady74 (Scott) said...

I added the credit.