Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Stuff: The Tough Shits; The Poor Sons; The Bare Wires; Apache (Burger Records)

I wrote about the Summer Twins here last Sunday, then enjoyed what I heard by The Burnt Ones in Rocksteady74's post a couple days ago. I discovered Ty Segall here in a post by Rocksteady74 back in July ( and have been digging his garage sound ever since.

Then I realized that all 3 are on Burger Records, a label based in Fullerton, California. I went in for a closer look at that label this morning. And wow!

Burger Records is fantastic, sort of a modern day Bomp! Records, full of one great garage/pop/punk band after another.

Check out the Tough Shits:

The Poor Sons:

The Bare Wires:


Okay, we here at WYMA officially endorse Burger Records. With gusto.

Looks like they have a showcase at SXSW next week, which alone might be worth the trip to Austin.

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Rocksteady74 (Scott) said...

I endorse Burger Records.