Thursday, March 8, 2012

Get to Know: Johnny Reb

I wrote about Johnny Reb last year, and it is very rare that I will write about a band again absent a new release of some sort. But as I wandered through some of my favorite playlists last weekend, I came listened again to The Portugal Years and decided that it would be a public service to bring the band to the attention of those who weren't readers of WYMA at that point, or who were sleeping in the back of the room.

Originally from Manchester, the four-piece called Glasgow home when this collection of demos was recorded (in Portugal). Fans of Morrissey, the band contacted Morrissey's guitarist and collaborator, Boz Boorer, who agreed to record the group at his home in Portugal. The result is an edgy, exciting alternative indie rock with captivating talk/sing vocals that, in my view, deserved a wide audience. Here is the superb lead track, "Nine on the Line", which allegedly serves as a lament to a fallen cat and an indecent proposal to an admired female Scottish musician.

I feel strongly about the quality of this EP, and given that the band is giving it away free at the Bandcamp site below, you don't need to invest more than your time to learn if you agree with me.


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