Friday, March 16, 2012

Get to Know: Sleuth

Our jangle scouts (we employ top people) have discovered Sleuth, four musicians from in and around Vancouver, BC. The members are Julian Bowers (drums and some strings), Oliver McTavish-Wisden (keyboards), Jesse Easter (bass), and The Lion in Love (guitar and vocals). We expect that a Rickenbacker is involved in the proceedings. Songwriting generally is credited to a J. Lastoria. Is J. Lastoria also The Lion in Love? I suppose that if they had wanted us to know, they would have said so.

Sleuth released Brave Knew Nothing last spring. The physical copies are sold out, but I believe that digital downloads remain available. You can stream its jangly delights here:

And these two songs from a recent live performance are available to download:

Twitter ( @SleuthTheBand )

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