Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Meet the Golden One/LUV" by Burnt Ones

San Francisco trio Burnt Ones are releasing a new 7" on Burger Records. The tracks are "Meet the Golden One" and "LUV". "Meet the Golden One" is a delicious slice of boogie rock, and is presented for your pleasure in this following video. You can judge for yourself, but these tracks suggest to me that this band is about fun. I feel like throwing a party just so I can book them to play at it.

The group consists of Mark Tester, Amy Crouch and Brian Allen. The 7" is released on two labels, Burger Records and Gold Records. If you don't mind the digital form, it only cost $1 on Bandcamp.

Here are both tracks from Bandcamp:

Burger Records

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John Hyland said...

Dig these guys a lot! Glad to see they've got a new one out... it's been a while.