Monday, March 5, 2012

REVIEW: Vigo Thieves - Heart & Soul (Part 1) EP

On Heart & Soul (Part 1), Scotland's Vigo Thieves display an explosively big sound, reminiscent of Simple Minds and U2. Everything is big--the beats, the synths, the guitars, and the high-flying vocals. Of course, that all works only if the band is good. But these guys are very good. You want proof? Try "Heartbeats", an anthem likely to make many 'top songs of 2012 lists' --

VIGO THIEVES - HEARTBEATS from Vigo Thieves on Vimeo.

The band consists of Stevie Jukes (vocals and guitar), Barry Cowan (guitar and vocals), Gordon Phipps (bass), and Al Jukes (drums). They released the Love is Dead EP. As the title of Heart & Soul (Part 1) implies, the album is being released in two stages, with Part 1 coming out today on Hijacked Records. Part 1 has six tracks. The first track, "Wide Awake", is an instrumental. Track two, "Steal Your Heart", is a taut, emotionally charged post punk song.

Track three, the above "Heartbeats", and track four, "Love Is Dead", are built for the stadiums. Do I like the ambition? Yes, I do.

"She's On Fire", the fifth song, dials it down only incrementally. The final track, "Steal Your Heart Pt. II", is the album's soulful ballad, and very much worth the wait.

Here is the trailer for the album:

Vigo Thieves' Heart & Soul (Part 1) is an impressive package--soulful verses, big choruses, good melodies, excellent musicianship and flawless production. I'm enjoying it; and I'm looking forward to Part 2.

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