Friday, June 22, 2012

REVIEW: Jesus H. Foxx - Endless Knocking

Do you like parties?  Oh good - so do I.  And if you like parties, you may well like Endless Knocking by Edinburgh's Jesus H. Foxx.  For me, Endless Knocking is like going to one of those wonderful house parties full of witty, eccentric characters.  As you wander through the house, you find interesting conversations or happenings in every room.  Everyone is nice and charming, but at times you may have to struggle a bit to get the joke.  So too, this album is full of diverse, eccentric songs, characterized by mid-song changes of pace and style, and unusual rhythms.  The result is a very satisfying collage and, like when you go home after a good party, you'll be satisfied, energized and having made a few new friends.

The first single from the album is the charming "So Much Water", which features jangling guitars and dueling vocals (the track on this player ends thirty seconds early, and I don't know why).  The song can be downloaded free at this link.

Jesus H. Fox was formed in 2007.  They released a smaller recording in 2009, and built a devoted local fan base that was eager for an album.  In May, the band delivered Endless Knocking via Edinburgh's Song By Toad Records.  Apparently, the album had been recorded in 2010, but the band wasn't satisfied and reworked the songs until they felt comfortable releasing the album.

The band's line up is Michael Hunter (vocals/guitars/keys), Neil Duncan (guitars/vocals/drums), Owen Curtis Williams (drums), Rich Butler (bass/vocals), Richie Henderson (guitar/vocals/keys), Tallah Brash (cornet/glockenspiel/keys/vocals), and Thomas Western (keys/vocals).  Their facility with multiple instruments, and the fact that they all sing, give the band more flexibility in fleshing out the songs, and extending their sonic range.  Coupled with the inventive songwriting (and, apparently, perfectionist approach), it is no surprise that this is a quality listen.

"I'm Half the Man You Were" is a shambles along as a delightful folk jam --

I think a taste of a live performance is in order as a closer.  We present "This Is Not A Rental Car" (live) --

Album page at Song By Toad Records
Song By Toad Records

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