Tuesday, June 26, 2012

REVIEW: Charlie Big Time - Dishevelled Revellers

I've learned several things in blogging about music this year, and one of them is to pay attention when Matinee Recordings advises me of a new release.  In this case, the album is Dishevelled Revellers -- four tracks of superb guitar pop from Bolton, UK's Charlie Big Time.  This is the kind of early Creation Records style pop that, for some of us, never goes out of fashion; particularly when it is this well done.   But when an EP leads off with my new favorite song, I know I'll give the entire EP a chance.  Listen for the vocal hook in the chorus just past the 1 minute mark -- I think you'll agree that it is high quality, and the sort of thing that is responsible for the early demise of many innocent "replay" buttons.

Chris Tiplady and Matt Pendlebury  released the band's first EP on Cloudberry Records in 2007.  In the intervening years they released an LP and placed songs on some indie compilations.  For Dishevelled Revellers, Chris and Matt invited Beth Arzy of Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars fame to add her vocal abilities to the group.  The wonderful result is top-flight songwriting and polished performances, with Beth providing a bit of sunshine to the lightly melancholic arrangements.

Enjoy the second track, "The Liberation of Love" --

 Dishevelled Revellers is released today, and because I can only assume that this post has convinced you that the EP is worth your time and money, I've provided the Matinee and Amazon links below.

Track three, "Real Estate" --

Dishevelled Revellers link at Matinee Recordings
Matinee Recordings
Amazon link for the EP

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