Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Plastic Animals - Automaton EP

Edinburgh's Plastic Animals produce intriguing guitar-based soundscapes comprised of soaring melodies, atmospheric vocals and arrangements - sometimes bright, sometimes distorted and disintegrating - at the forefront of the mix.  Whether you call it noise pop or sludge (one of the band's names for their sound), it is excellent stuff.  Last weekend they released their new record, the Automaton EP, and I've been playing it quite a bit around When You Motor Away towers.  The hazy, layered guitars have been perfect for my mood, and the music is both entertaining and relaxing.

You can stream all five tracks below.  The first track is "Yellowcraig", which is named after a windswept stretch of coast.  The bass is upfront and rumbling, the guitars jangling, and the voice is towards the back of the mix.  With this as the opening track, I couldn't help but give the whole thing a listen  You might note that the fine second track, "Ghosts", can be downloaded free.

The members of Plastic Animals are Mario Cruzado, James Lynch, Dave Wark and Ben Slade.  While formed in 2006, the band endured a less active period for a few years.  In 2011, they awoke from their collective beauty rest and issued the five-track Dark Spring EP, which I profiled here.

Here is the video for "Ghosts" --

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