Wednesday, June 13, 2012

REVIEW: Violens -

Violens seem a band quite comfortable in their groove -- ace purveyors of a synth and guitar based shoegaze pop.  And they should be, because the sound has a certain timelessness, and they are very good at it. Their latest album is True, recently was released on Slumberland Records.  The sound is warm, with plenty of reverb and vocals somewhat back in the mix, giving the music a somewhat dreamy ambiance.  However, the tone and lyrics have a dark shade to them even in some cases, implying tragedy or the potential for violence.  The overall result is a sweet sounding album infused with an intriguing moodiness and somewhat disquieting edginess.

Lead track "Totally True" is one of them more straightforward pop songs on the album:

"All Night Low" has a more direct and sinister feel --

The band was formed in 2007, and is based in Brooklyn.  Its members are Jorge Elbrecht (lead vocals, guitar), Iddo Arad (synths, guitar, vocals) and Myles Matheny (bass, guitar, vocals).  Jorge also shouldered the production duties for True.  Violens previously released the Amoral LP in 2010.

Here is album track "Der Microarc" --

There is no shortage of synth pop or shoegaze on the current music scene.  But Violens climb to near the top of the heap, and earn our attention.  The songs on True are well-written, and expertly and passionately performed.  The hazy, shoegaze atmosphere is a deliberate sonic tapestry, not a convenience to full space in a song.  And the distinction between the two means that the songs on this album stick in your head, and feel familiar when you return to them.  Give it a listen.

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