Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Release: Future of What - Moonstruck EP

Future of What plays electronic-based rock with all kinds of keyboard sounds and delightful female lead vocals. It's reminiscent of some of the early MTV-era electronic pop you may recall from artists like Berlin, and some of the instrumental work is definitely in the vein of European dance rock. Their 4-song EP, Moonstruck, is presented as the precursor for an album later this year and it's pretty catchy stuff.

Here's the video for "Back To The City":

The first single, "I Wait For You" was previously posted on WYMA here. That and two other songs are pretty sprightly, but they stretch out on track 4, "Party in Heaven" and hint at some of the, maybe darker, Euro-influenced synth-pop possibilities here.

But, in the end, Blair's vocals are the centerpiece and these are well-structured songs. Check it out via their free download at Soundcloud:

I'm fairly impressed, considering this band was just formed in January of this year and recorded these songs in March... looking forward to hearing more.

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