Sunday, June 3, 2012

Late Saturday/Early Sunday Odds and Ends

In case you forgot about Cats On Fire, whose 2012 release we reviewed here (hint, it's one of my favorites of the year), listen to the album track "It's Clear Your Former Lover" --

We like Jeff Beam, and profiled him a few months ago ( link ).  He has shared a video for "Whispering Poison in His Ear" --


"Waiting" is a 1992 track from The Ropers, a DC band. It is a great song, in my view.  Thanks to Slumberland Records for posting it on Soundcloud.  As they said when they posted it, "a classic of US shoegaze pop...blend[ing] sweet harmonies with brash Rickenbacker overload, never sacrificing the tune to mere noise."

Pop/ska band Kid British seem to have endured a few lineup changes and label issues, but they have a new EP recorded for LAB Records, and it will be coming out later this month.  Here is track "Until Monday" --

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