Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Night Noise Team - Pieces EP

Night Noise Team is based in Edinburgh, so they count as one of our New Sounds of Scotland bands, even though the two main players, Sean Ormsby (vocals and guitar) and Fabien Pinardon (bass) are Irish and French respectively.  Sean and Fabian write, record, produce and arrange their music, but for live shows they at Marco Morelli, Stephen McLaren and Keith Kirkwook.  On June 11, the band releases the four-track Pieces EP, and I think it is worth your attention.  It features bright pop, vocal delivery that can be deadpan, louche or arch, and some funky rhythms.  And it is irrepressibly clever and upbeat.

Oh, you want serving suggestions? Saturday morning wake-ups with a cup of good coffee will work for many of you.  But it is positively wicked after midnight with the-whisky-you-shouldn't-have-after-the-third-pint.

"Picking Up the Pieces" --

"Lightning Girl" --

Pieces EP is available on Permwhale Records as a download, only.


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