Wednesday, February 29, 2012

REVIEW: Chuck Prophet, Temple Beautiful

My favorite song of 2012:

"Temple Beautiful" is the title track to Chuck Prophet's personal history in San Francisco. Songs include "Castro Halloween" and "Willie Mays is Up To Bat" and a host of other San Francisco memories. But most importantly, this CD rocks from start to finish, with equal parts glam and garage, pure unabashed rock'n'roll swagger that recalls Lou Reed's homages to NYC.

Dig the jangle'n'roll of "Castro Halloween":

Here's a video for "White Night, Big City" some twang'n'roll about the 1978 murders of Commissioner Harvey Milk and Mayor George Moscone:

Temple Beautiful, Prophet's 12th release, gets back to guitar basics and foregoes the tape loops and sampling that found their way into some of Prophet's previous, more experimental CDs. And make no mistake about it, Prophet's Fender Telecaster delivers.

Prophet gets bonus points for as a young gun being a member of the criminally underrated Green on Red, one of my favorite live bands ever.

Let's keep it simple here: Temple Beautiful is a great rock'n'roll record and you should go get it.

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