Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get to Know: POST

The thing I most love about writing for a music blog is discovering a band that isn't well known yet, but strikes me as the kind of band that can grow and delight you. To my mind, one such band is POST. I put a couple of their songs up on the blog last spring, but they are on my mind again because been busy recording. While the album isn't ready for release, a few unmastered tracks have been made available to whet our interest.

Here is the dark vamp called "New Play Thing". I love the feel and rhythm of this track --
New Play Thing (unmastered) by POST music

"Monument to a Lost Cause pt. 1" was released earlier on a We Can Still Picnic sampler. It has a delightful indie pop feel --
Monument to a Lost Cause pt. 1 by POST music

The band lists home as Glasgow and Manchester. It seems to my ears that their music is grounded in the urban indie pop of that I most identify with Glasgow. Post is Chris Elkin, Adam Florence, Craig Forbes and Graham Wann. Their album is being engineered and co-produced by Emily MacLaren and Stuart Evans at the Green Door studio, Glasgow, and will be released by the We Can Still Picnic collective.

"Rabbit in the Headlights", live in Newcastle, October 2011 --

"R.I.T.H.", from an earlier release --

We Can Still Picnic

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