Thursday, February 16, 2012

Get to Know: Detective Agency

Citing the Beat Happening as an influence is a pretty good way to get my attention. But the Detective Agency hits more buttons than the BH influence. They also are a local Seattle Band and have musical similarities with my beloved Shop Assistants. Dear readers, this band is pre-ordained to appear on this page.

The music of Detective Agency is a raucous brew of noise/jangle pop. The band has posted its Daggers EP on Bandcamp, and you can stream the entire EP right here:

Detective Agency is Ulrika Larsson (drums), Amy Tisdale (vocals, guitar, tambourine), Nate Kruz (guitar, vocals), and Gwen Stubbs (bass). At this point, they are unburdened with the obligations of a label contract. As of yesterday, the EP was free on their Bandcamp site, and if it still is, I'd consider that the deal of the week. We're hoping that a full length recording is in the works.

This video is of a live performance in Seattle last November:


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