Friday, February 10, 2012

The Soul Corner- Stevie Wonder "Higher Ground"

I was thinking this week, which artist most deserves the biggest gig in the world, the 20 minute Super Bowl halftime? So I looked at the list of who has performed and there was one glaring omission - Mr. Stevie Wonder.
Who doesn't like and respect Stevie?
And who can't groove to this?:

Special bonus to anyone who can identify the drummer in this clip. I'd love to know who is kicking it so colossally back there on the skins.


Frank Fahey said...

Ollie Brown is the drummer, ES-335 - Mike Sembello, and Reggie McBride on bass. Deniece Williams is one of the back up singers

e.clarke said...
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Jim Desmond said...

Ollie Brown. Good work, Frank. Thanks.