Monday, February 20, 2012

REVIEW: Terry Malts - Killing Time

OK, listen up -- the answer is Killing Time. The answer to what question, you ask? Well, actually, it is the answer to a number of questions. For the last six weeks or so, what have I been doing in my study for hours? Killing Time. What have I done on weekends instead of yard work? Killing Time. What have I turned to when I just wanted to listen to an album? Killing Time.

Killing Time is the enthralling 34 minutes of chainsaw pop from Terry Malts, released tomorrow by Slumberland Records. What is chainsaw pop? With Terry Malts punk pace, "chainsaw" guitar, aggressive drumming and a bass that is so upfront that you'll look over your shoulder to see if the dude is standing behind you. Why not judge for yourself with opening track, "Something About You" --

Terry Malts is Phil Benson (bass and lead vocals), Corey Cunningham (guitar and vocals), and Nathan Sweatt (drums and vocals). Resident of the Bay Area, they previously released a cassette and two 7" singles. Killing Time, which is out tomorrow on Slumberland Records, is their debut full length. My current favorite track is "No Sir, I'm Not A Christian" --
No Sir, I'm Not A Christian by corey_lee. Uploaded with BandPage by RootMusic

This album has the pace and attitude we crave from a punk pop album, but it is special because of it brings much more to the table. The baritone vocals are superbly delivered, the lyrics manage to be insightful and humorous ("your love make me nauseous") and it overflowing with melody and hooks. It is one of my top three albums of the year so far.

"Tumble Down"

I've enjoyed our time together here, but I've got to go -- it's Killing Time.



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