Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Teledrome - Double Vision

No, I hadn't forgotten my pledge to cover 7" and EP recordings this year, but I was a little light in that area for a few weeks while I covered recent albums that I liked. Today, we're back in the realm of 7" releases. Specifically, the HoZac Records release of Double Vision by Teledrom. This 7" is five tracks of Joy Division like rhythms and baritone vocals embellished with icy, chillwave synths. Its not quite goth, not quite buzzsaw pop, but it creates a great groove right down the middle. Teledrome is the project of Calgary, Canada's Ryan Sadler, although I expect additional hands join in for live performances.

The songs on this album are well-crafted, with plenty of hooks to embellish the atmosphere. And Sadler understands that a good pop song gets your attention, makes its statement and finishes--the five tracks have a total run time of fewer than nine minutes. Here is track four, "Replacements" --

You can listen to additional tracks from Double Vision at the Bandcamp link below.

Teledrome page at HoZac Records

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