Monday, February 27, 2012

Sad Face - new EP Cheer Yourself Up Release Party in Seattle March 3, free download available

Sad Face is a Seattle band playing real good rock music that alternates between the moody sounds of, say, Low and the more rocking, rollicking pace of, say, The Pixies. It's all pretty heavy and very well-played. Those are good influences to be sure, and I'm not just throwing them out there. These guys are talented - they're getting some notice on KEXP (which is where I first heard them) and their notoriety is growing beyond their homebase in the Pacific Northwest. Back in November I got to hear and really enjoy their 2011 album Gosh Darn! - review here.

They've got a release show scheduled for March 3 at The High Dive in Seattle.

Free download of "Red Chair" from the EP here:

And here's a relatively recent video of a live performance of "Sapphire Noise" from Gosh Darn!

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max said...

Sad Face is throwing a release party for the EP on March 3rd at the High Dive in Seattle!