Monday, February 13, 2012

REVIEW: Young Magic - Melt

Melt, the full length debut from Young Magic, probably sounds like nothing else you've heard lately. And I think that's a good thing. Every listener discerns different influences, but to me it sounds like a wonderful mash up of African rhythms, synthesizer dream pop, and trip hop, with a rubbery, elongated bass running through it. Here it standout track "Sparkly", which will serve to lure in all but the most resistant potential listener --

The band is based in Brooklyn, but quite appropriately for a band with such global influences, that is simply the current resting place Isaac Emmanuel and Michael both are from Australia, who traveled around the world separately before ending up in New York. Melati Malay, the other member, is from Indonesia. And the wanderlust not only informs the band's background, but the album itself. There are recordings from ten different countries, and contains samples of music from the band's travels mixed with the programmed percussion and synths; male and female vocals float over the mix.

Track three, "You With Air" --

The production on Melt is lush, and nearly all tracks bring little details to the party that flesh out the sound and distinguish Young Magic from their peers. The album is about textures and related nuances. Even the vocals seem part of the fabric of sound, rather than a separate statement, and are mostly chorus and often have a chant-like quality. But that is and observation, not a criticism; the approach fits the concept well.

"Night In The Ocean" --

If the question is whether there is a current album that is both relaxing and exciting, accessible and somewhat exotic, the answer it Melt. The album is released this week on Carpark Records. The band is touring this spring and will be at SXSW next month.

"Drawing Down the Moon"

Drawing Down The Moon from Young Magic on Vimeo.

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