Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thigh Master - Head of The Witch 7"

Meet Brisbane's Thigh Master.  They make no claims that this album will tone or reduce the size of your lower extremities.  But you may want to dance, or at least jump in place, so there is likely to be some physical reward.  The music is a delightful meld of dirty garage rock and antipodean jangle.  The three track Head of the Witch 7" is out now, and we've included a link to previous recordings.

The Brisbane based band consists of Matthew Ford, Patrick Bryon, Daniel Ford, and Dusty Anastassiou.  In the past James Cassidy stood in on bass when Ford was unavailable; in the future, the substitute bass duties will fall to Hayden Night.

Bandcamp for this release
Bandcamp for prior releases

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