Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Burner + Break Me Up cassette, plus free downloads from ScotDrakula

Melbourne boasts a number of very good guitar pop bands, but ScotDrakula isn't one of those bands.  But what ScotDrakula is should demand your full attention.  My first reaction after listening to their music was "yeah, that's why I spend the time looking for new music".  This is punk/garage rock with attitude, rage, energy and noise.  And underneath it all, there are really good pop songs and some raspy soul.  So, you may jump around enough that you get a bit of beer on your shoes, but you will have a good time.  And I suspect it won't be the first time that beer touches your shoes.

ScotDrakula released the 7-track LP Burner in November 2012, and the two-track Break Me Up EP in November 2013.  Austin, Texas label Fleeting Youth Records have combined those nine tracks for a cassette release that is available today.  You can stream the album ('try before you buy') at the Bandcamp link below.  Note that the track "Stupid Everything" is a free download from Bandcamp and "Break Me Up" can be downloaded from the Soundcloud stream below.  The songs feature meaty hooks, vocals on the edge, and bass and drums appealingly high in the mix.  The band is Matt Neumann (guitar/vocals), Evianne Camille (drums/vocals), and Dove Bailey (bass/vocals), but if you didn't know that you'd guess that there were more people involved.  If you are planning a party, might some day plan a party, or just thinking of getting in the car and going for a drive, this is a release you will want (Warning: Liquid Jesus likely will cause you to exceed the speed limit; please listen responsibly).

Bandcamp for Burner + Break Me Up cassette
Soundcloud link for "Stupid Everything"
Fleeting Youth Records

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