Saturday, December 13, 2014

Sväva - We Have Just the Life We Want

Sväva is a very intriguing dream pop band from The Netherlands.  Bente Hout (vocals/bass), Michelle Hindriks (guitar), Olivier Copini (guitar), and Jelmer Terwal (drums), met at the Academy for Popculture in Leeuwarden, and began to work on fleshing out songs written by Hout and Hindriks while they were traveling through Scotland, England and France.  The band infuses dream pop songs with dark tones and intricate riffs, providing a fitting foundation for Hout's vocals.  With an impressive range -- an upper register that recalls Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays matched with great power -- she may be one of the more compelling vocalists in the genre.

The band has released an impressive four-track EP, We Hve Just the Life We Want, which is available on Bandcamp.  You can watch the video for the second track, "Flown", below, and stream the entire EP.


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